Find the right size for Practice Wear

Our Practice Wear is ideal for girls aged 4 to 16. If you’re looking for the Team Wear measurements (Boys and Girls) head to the Team Wear section of the website.

Measurements in Inches

CHILD 4 22.1 20.5 22.1 39.4 20.5
CHILD 6 22.4 22.1 22.4 43.3 22.4
CHILD 8 26.8 23.6 26.8 47.2 24.0
CHILD 10 29.1 25.5 29.1 51.2 25.6
CHILD 12 31.5 26.8 31.5 55.1 27.6
ADULT XS 33.9 28.3 33.9 59.1 29.1
ADULT S 36.2 29.9 36.2 63.0 32.7

Note: This guide provides general sizing information, which can vary depending on style. If your measurements are in between a size we’d suggest going the larger size to allow for growing room.

How to measure

CHEST - With arms by side, measure around the fullest part of chest.

WAIST - Measure around waist at navel.

HIP - Measure around the fullest part of buttocks.

TORSO - Measure from centre of shoulder through legs and back to the same shoulder (back to the start of tape). *Long and Short Torso available for Women's Team Wear apparel only.

LEG LENGTH - Measure from crotch along inside leg to floor. *Long and Short Leg Length available for Men's Team Wear apparel only.

Which measurements do I need?

All of our bodies are different, so sometimes our SP Girls might fit in different sizes for different garments. To ensure the most accurate sizing we’ve popped a table below to help you figure out which measurements you need to gather per garment.

Style Required measurements
Tops Chest, Waist
Crop Tops & Cropped Singlets Chest
Leotards Chest, Waist, Hip, Torso
Shorts Waist, Hip
Tights Waist, Hip, Inseam

Still not sure?

Gather your measurements and email them through to us via the contact form. Our team will be in touch with the best size for you.

NOTE: All Personalised products are made to order and can't be exchanged for a different size. If you are unsure of the measuring or sizing process or have any questions, please contact our team prior to placing your order.