Enter The World Of Wonderland

Wonderland CollectionWelcome to Wonderland, an imaginary world of enchanting beauty, magical charm, and wonder.

With all-new leotards, this collection features never-before-seen color combos, prints, and patterns that are truly out-of-this-world. With a range of different shapes, silhouettes, intricate strap details and bold cutouts take a trip with the dreamers behind Sylvia P to see how the Wonderland collection came to life.
Wonderland CollectionWonderland was born from a simple idea: to bring to life an imaginary and magic land, kickstarting the start of the year with bold energy and excitement. From electric color combos to delicate micro florals, cotton candy prints, gradient effects and wild animal prints—we’ve brought to life a land of lavish charm, beauty—and wonder.WonderlandDrawing inspiration from fairytales, enchanting places, and imagination, we’ve created a collection where anything is possible. We’re not afraid of color and bold prints—and this collection is full of both. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our cotton candy-inspired Fairy Floss Leotard or the print-OTT and fabulous Imaginarium Leotard and Daisy Doo Leotard made to stand out with you at the centre. Or sparkle and shine in the ombre Sunray Leotard—featuring a dazzling sequin motif that sprays up over the front body. Each print is a work of art on its own—fit-ready to inspire your creativity and self-expression.Wonderland CollectionThe Magic Charm Leotard and Neverland Leotard are training must-haves for those who love rainbows and all things pastel. A dreamy pastel ombre print of baby pink, light purple, pastel blue and mint, reminiscent of a fairytale sunset—who doesn't want a little more magic in their wardrobe?

Inspired by our world of wonder, the All Directions Leotard boast stunning back details sure to turn heads. With unique criss-cross straps creating stunning silhouettes and strappy back designs that are both functional and fashionable—this leo makes you feel like a true Queen of Wonderland, majestic and regal.

With a dash of ditsy florals or a pop of pattern, Wonderland is here for whatever you wish to make it, to dream of wherever you need to be. And we think that’s a great idea.

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Limited edition styles. Available online at sylviap.net.
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