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With years of pattern making and sizing experience, we have found the most accurate sizing method is to rely on the athlete’s body measurements. Measuring athlete’s allows you to easily and reliably find the athlete’s correct size and most importantly takes the guess work out of sizing. Athletes perception of fit may vary, however our patterns and sizes are designed for a sleek fit to respond to the demands of gymnastics and cheer.


The aim of measuring your athlete is to find the most appropriate size based on the size chart below. Please ensure that athletes are wearing fitted apparel during the measuring process.

CHEST - With arms by side,measure around the fullest part of chest.

WAIST - Measure around waist at navel.

HIP - Measure around the fullest part of buttocks.

TORSO - Measure from centre of shoulder through legs and back to the same shoulder (back to the start of tape). *Long and Short Torso available for Women's Team Wear apparel only.

LEG LENGTH - Measure from crotch along inside leg to floor. *Long and Short Leg Length available for Men's Team Wear apparel only.


Refer to the required size chart to determine which size corresponds to the athlete’s measurements. Do not add extra centimetres for growing room as this will distort the sizing. If an athlete falls across two sizes, select the larger size.

Download Women's Size Chart

Download Men's Size Chart

Please note that all Club Corner and Personalised products are made to order and can't be exchanged for a different size. If you are unsure of the mesuring or sizing process or have any questions, please contact our team prior to placing your order.