Product Care Instructions

Product Care

Sylvia P selects the best possible fabrics and materials from the world’s leading manufacturers, however certain fabrics and materials are more vulnerable to foil loss, fading and piling.

Velvet and Nylon Lycras are the most resilient fabrics which incur the least amount of fading. Mesh, Mystique and Holographic Lycra are the most sensitive fabrics which, with repeated wear and washing, may fade. Sylvia P’s sublimated fabrics won’t run as the ink is fused into the fabrics with over 400 degree heat. Perspiration and deodorants may cause fabric to fade.

When combining light and dark colors in your leotard please note that colour transfer may occur even when washing instruction has been followed correctly. Perspiration and deodorants contributes to the color transfer. Please consider this when deciding on your color combinations. Sylvia P will not take responsibility for color transfer so please make careful color choices.

Crystals can be applied to all fabrics, excessive wearing and stretching may result in crystals falling off. Areas where crystals have been applied may dull slightly due to the heat application.To avoid pilling, do not let fabrics come into contact with any rough surfaces or velcro.

Over time fabrics may fade, lose some foil, colors may transfer and/or crystals may dislodge due to wearing and washing even when the instructions above have been followed. Below are care and washing instructions to maximize the life of the garment.



Turn garment inside out when washing

Machine wash using mild liquid detergent (woolwash)

Wash on short cycle in cold water

Tumble dry immediately after washing on low or no heat


Soak, bleach or use strong detergent or softener

Iron, dry clean or hang dry

Leave in direct sunlight or plastic bags for long periods

Use antiperspirants or deodorants prior to or while wearing