In 1994, Sylvia Pichler had a mission—a mission to create a beautiful, stand-out leotard for her 8-year-old gymnast daughter, Sandra.

Originally from Austria, the Pichler family always had a passion for the bright and beautiful world of gymnastics. However, after making the giant move to Australia in ’92, Sylvia found it hard to purchase gymnastics or athletic wear that was both comfortable and stylish.

After searching high and low, Sylvia finally decided to take matters into her own hands. A seamstress novice, she purchased 50 centimetres of fluorescent yellow material from a local Brisbane fabric shop, borrowed an overlocker and zigzag sewing machine from a neighbourhood friend, and poured many hours into her creation.

Alas, the first bright and sparkly Sylvia P leotard was born.

Of course, Sandra rapidly became the trendiest gymnast in class. Her distinctive leotards captured the attention, and imagination of onlookers, and it didn't take long for the local gymnastics community to start placing their very own custom orders.

Fast forwarding to today, Sylvia still plays a fundamental role on the production floor of our Brisbane-based factory, ensuring the company continues to create the same distinctive, quality-rich garments.

A truly iconic, family-run affair, Sylvia is supported by all three of her children, Thomas, Daniela and Sandra, who all manage key departments within the business. As former gymnasts or coaches, her children truly understand the needs of athletes when create each product.

Sylvia’s passion for creating dazzling gymnastics and athletic wear, which allows young athletes to feel bold and empowered, is back bone of Sylvia P, and a legacy that will live on for generations to come.