Our Sylvia P Brand Reps

Every 6 months we select active girls from across the world to represent Sylvia P and share their love of the brand to their friends and followers. We look for girls who are strong, love their sport (whichever sport that is) and who live and breathe Sylvia P.

Read below to find out about our current brand reps and what they love about our clothes.


We do searches in May and November each year to find new Brand Reps. To apply to be a #spgirl you will need a public profile on Instagram, post photo entries of you wearing Sylvia P (yes you need Sylvia P to enter), and not be an ambassador or brand rep for any other gymnastics, dance or activewear brands.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram around those times of year for updates. In the meantime you can share your photos of you rocking your Sylvia P so there will be lots for us to look at when we're searching.




Sylvia P Brand Rep Ayva


Instagram: @hey_ayva

Sports: Dance, Cheer, Athletics, Soccer

When I grow up I want to be: A famous artist so I can travel the world making beautiful things or a famous cheerleader so that I can travel to other countries to compete!

Fun fact: I do pageants and all the kids at my school think I’m a real life princess! And I’m addicted to slime!!

Favourite SP outfit: Black Running Shorts and Black Cropped Singlet

Greatest sporting inspiration: Two people that I really look up to are Simone Biles and Aly Raisman. I met them at New York Fashion Week right after the 2016 Olympic Games. They work so hard and were so friendly and it was cool to see them dressed in pageant gowns like I wear.

Fav food: Steak cooked medium rare with mushroom sauce

“I love being a #spgirl because I am always active and it’s so cool to be able to wear beautiful outfits to cheer, dance and soccer. I also like to inspire other girls to be active because I think it’s important to stay fit and healthy!”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Adelynn


Instagram: @adelynn.gymnast

Sports: Gymnastics, Volleyball, Horseback Riding, Acro, Dance, Athletics

When I grow up I want to: Own my own critter club and help animals in need and animals that are mistreated. I also want to work for Sylvia P by making and designing leotards.

Fun fact: I can make babies stop crying

Favourite SP outfit: All of them, but the one that is most special to me is the Australian Leotard that was made when I went to visit everyone at the store. I also like the colorful prints that I can mix and match.

Greatest sporting inspiration: Simone Biles is my favorite. She was adopted like me and I can relate to her. She sets a good example and gives me hope to chase any of my dreams.

Fav food: Caesar Salad and gummy’s from Australia

“I love being a #spgirl because it means a lot to me. I get to take cool photos and show other people who I am through my style and personality.”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Mia


Instagram: @mias_gymnastagram

Sports: Gymnastics, Surfing

When I grow up I want to be: A Vet

Fun fact: I love animals and making slime.

Favourite SP outfit: Unicorn Personalised Crop Top and Shorts.

Greatest sporting inspiration: I love looking at Adelynn’s gymnastics videos on Instagram

Fav food: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

“I love being a #spgirl because I get to meet lots of new friends.”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Poppy


Instagram: @poppy.grace.1

Sports: Dance, Cheer

When I grow up I want to be: A teacher or activewear designer (for Sylvia P of course).

Fun fact: I'm left-handed and my favourite animal is a Flamingo

Favourite SP outfit: Everything! I just love it all it’s too hard to pick.

Greatest sporting inspiration: My friend Liv, because she's an amazing cheerleader and tumbler. She works so hard all the time and always encourages me to work hard and push myself. She is my biggest supporter.

Fav food: Mint choc chip icecream and pavlova.

“I love being a #spgirl because I just love everything about Sylvia P. I'm always excited to see & share the latest releases with everyone and love that everyone shares that same love with me. The exciting new designs, the fit, colours, everything. Being an #spgirl means so much to me it's the ultimate dream, I'm just so grateful for the experience to share my love of this amazing brand with everyone.”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Laura


Instagram: @laura_jade_gymnast_

Sports: Gymnastics, Athletics, Soccer, Kickboxing, Karate

When I grow up I want to be: An actress or stunt woman in movies or work at the zoo.

Fun fact: I am the clumsiest gymnasts ever, I trip over everything including thin air!

Favourite SP outfit: Unicorn Personalised Leotard and In The Stars Leotard

Greatest sporting inspiration: Simone Biles, she’s just an amazing gymnast. Such a great role model for all gymnasts around the world.

Fav food: Strawberries and pizza

“I love being a #spgirl because it’s my favourite brand in the world and I love that you inspire girls everywhere to be active and have fun.”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Kaley


Instagram: @adayinthelife_kaleyryan

Sports: Dance

When I grow up I want to be: A dancer

Fun fact: I’m the oldest of 3 in the family and the only girl.

Favourite SP outfit: Amarillo Leo because I’ll never forget wearing it to take a class with Travis Wall!

Greatest sporting inspiration: Travis Wall/ Stacey Tookey! I’ve grown up watching So You Think You Can dance with my mom. Both Travis and Stacey are incredibly talented and so passionate about what they do. I’ve had the pleasure of taking classes with both :)

Favourite food: Tacos

“I love being a #spgirl because Sylvia P is my absolute favourite brand!”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Alani


Instagram: @alani.paige

Sports: Dance

When I grow up I want to be: A model or a rehab physiotherapist

Fun fact: I broke my arm when I was 3 and after 2 ambulance trips and two hospitals I had to have surgery to fix it.

Favourite SP outfit: The Black Long Sleeve Top and Midnight Bloom Tights.

Greatest sporting inspiration: Misty Copeland - she is a true role model for girls around the world and considering she only started ballet at 13 and is now the principal of the American ballet theatre company just shows you how hard she worked to get there. Her focus and determination are inspiring!

Fav food: Salad....no joke!

“I love being a #spgirl because I get to showcase sp to the world as I truly love their pieces and I’m their biggest fan! It’s a great opportunity to inspire confidence in young girls and to let every girl know to rock their individuality!”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Mia Grace

Mia Grace

Instagram: @mia.grace.04

Sports: Dance, Netball

When I grow up I want to be: A Dance Teacher

Fun fact: I have been dancing for 11 years.

Favourite SP outfit: The Knotted Cropped Singlet and Blossom High Waisted Shorts

Greatest sporting inspiration: Claudia Dean, because she is a great ballerina and has worked so hard that she now has her own ballet school.

Fav food: Mango

“I love being a #spgirl because Not only does Sylvia P have the cutest outfits but you get to spread the #sylviap love as well.”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Delaney


Instagram: @gymnast_de

Sports: Gymnastics

When I grow up I want to be: A Marine Biologist/Dolphin trainer or Veterinarian

Fun fact: I LOVE interacting with wildlife. My favorite animals are dolphins, tigers, sloths, monkeys, koalas, pandas, sea lions, giraffes and my baby brother Rudy. My favorite travel spot is Costa Rica and Disney World. My dream is to visit the wildlife of Australia one day.

Favourite SP outfit: Cotton Candy, Panda or Unicorn leotard

Greatest sporting inspiration: Lexie Priessman because she is not only an amazing LSU gymnast, but she is an amazing role model through her kind acts and inspirational journey of never giving up. She was on USA National Team and is currently training for her senior year as a college gymnast.

Fav food: Louisiana Red Beans with Rice, and Cotton Candy!

“I love being a #spgirl because I love showing the world the dazzling style of Sylvia P leotards and activewear. The magic of their collections give me confidence and comfort to work on my skills and embrace the day and whatever it brings. Whether it’s the in the gym or in nature, I love representing the beautiful sparkle that is Sylvia P.”

Sylvia P Brand Rep Harper


Instagram: @harpersmales

Sports: Dance, Cheer, Surfing

When I grow up I want to be: A marine biologist. So I can study and work with beautiful marine wildlife. I would also love to work in ocean conservation. Looking after our beautiful ocean.

Fun fact: I love surfing and I am a junior competitive surfer. I've been surfing since I was 3 years old.

Favourite SP outfit: The ocean glow set, inspired by my favourite thing - the ocean.

Greatest sporting inspiration: Tatiana Weston Webb. Currently ranked number 3 on the world surf tour. Like me Tatiana has a Amblyopia (lazy eye). She is unable to wear contacts in the surf which has given her more of a connection with the ocean. She has made me feel special and proved to me that even though she has problems seeing whilst in the ocean this has not stopped her following her dreams and being a professional surfer. She is a kind beautiful person and I loved having the opportunity to meet her.

Fav food: Anything gluten free as I'm a coeliac. Actually gluten free caramel slice is my favourite. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

“I love being a #spgirl because I get to wear beautiful comfortable active wear everyday and be supported by a wonderful brand that empowers & supports girls in all that they do.”

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