Sylvia P × Black Friday Sale

We only do this once a year. And when we do—we go BIG. So get ready for our BOLDEST SALE yet. 

With VIP Access starting SUNDAY 20 NOV, 3PM (PST), strap in for eight days of epic sales from Sylvia P. We’ll have up to 40% OFF selected items PLUS new products being released during the sale AND a little something extra come Cyber Monday—you really don’t want to miss out.

So sign up for VIP EARLY ACCESS to these amazing deals.

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Signing up will give all the VIPs a precious three-hour head start on the sale, with the site opening to the general public from SUNDAY 20 NOV, 6PM (PST).

You’ll ALSO gain early access to the exclusive BFCM release of our Bold Collection on THURSDAY 24 NOV, 3PM (PST) AND early access to a little extra something on SUNDAY 27 NOV, 3PM (PST).

We’ll be wrapping up the sale at midnight, Monday—so start saving your wishlists and get ready (we’re just gonna keep saying it) for our BOLDEST SALE yet. 


So what are the dates again?

VIP Access: SUNDAY 20 NOV, 3PM (PDT) || Public Access: SUNDAY 20 NOV, 6PM (PDT)

VIP Access: THURSDAY 24 NOV, 3PM (PDT) || Public Access: THURSDAY 24 NOV, 6PM (PDT)

VIP Access: SUNDAY, 27 NOV, 3PM (PDT || Public Access: SUNDAY, 27 NOV, 6PM (PDT


And what are the discounts?
Up to 40% off selected items.

Any new releases?
Our newest BOLD collection will be released on Friday. It’s a fresh vintage varsity-inspired colour palette fused with Palm Springs Cali vibes. No matter the season, this is a fresh take for a BOLD look. 

Alright—so what does "BFCM" mean?
"Black Friday/Cyber Monday"—same sale, just a shorter way of saying it.

How do I get early VIP access?
Sign up for our VIP Early Access mailing list here!

And how does VIP access work?
We’ll send you an email with your own unique code to access the site for the first three hours after we launch our Black Friday promotions—the Black Friday Sale, our Bold Collection Release, and our Cyber Monday promotion. After that, the site is open to everyone—so it’s a really good idea to sign up

If I have items on my wishlist before the sale, will they still be there when you go live?
Well, yes and no. We always sell out fast—so even though it may be in your wishlist, if that item physically sells out before you proceed through the checkout and finalise payment, then you’ll miss out. 

A quick tip is to sign up for an account and have your address saved, plus use an express payment option like Apple Pay to speed through the checkout.

I guess that answers my “if I have items in my cart before the sale is live” question too …?
Same deal—until payment is finalised, you haven’t secured your order. So sign up for an account here and make sure you’ve set up an express payment option!

Which reminds me, what payment options do you offer?
The usual! All major providers like Mastercard, Visa and American Express plus, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and After Pay.

Do I need a discount code?
Nope—all items on sale will be clearly marked, no discount code required!

Can I use a previous discount code you sent me?
Because we’ve got so many items on sale (up to 40% off!) we’ll be turning off other discount codes during the sale. They’ll be reactivated after the sale so that you won’t miss out on a discount in the future!

What about gift cards and vouchers?
Don’t worry, these definitely work!

And reward points?
These also work—you’ve earned them, so definitely use them if you can!

Wait—reward points?
Anyone signing up for an account is immediately enrolled in our rewards program: you get 100 points straight away when you sign up, then 1 point for every dollar spent, with 500 points giving you a $25 voucher. You should probably sign up for an account, too, then. 

Ok, but if I make a mistake and miss something on my order, can I just add to it later and save on shipping?
It’s a really busy time for us, so we have to treat each order separately. No combining orders, sorry!

When will you ship my order?
While we’ve got extra staff on—this is our busiest time of the year, so you can expect an extra 10-14 days of shipping due to the volume of orders we’ll receive. Please be patient as we navigate through this massive influx of orders and work as fast as we can to ship your products to you!

Makes sense. I’ve received my order, but I don’t like it. What now?
All sale items are final, so they can’t be returned/refunded unless the items are faulty. Check out our full returns policy here

I bought something last week when it wasn’t on sale—can I get a refund for the difference?
Unfortunately no. Sale prices are only valid for sale items, not before or after, sorry!

Ok, last question—what should I get?
Oooh we can’t answer that! But whatever you want to get, don’t miss out—sign up to our VIP early access mailing list, stay up to date with our socials, and get ready for (100% we’re gonna say it again) our BOLDEST sale ever.